About Us

Becoming the leading carpet cleaning company in the area didnt happen over night. Joshua Harris started the company well over 2 decades ago after noticing a big gap in the market for residential homes and at at a time when replacing your carpets was so expensive, cleaning them was the only option. The reputation of the business grew quickly and became the go to company for all types of furnishings, rugs and carpets. As the company grew, so did the team and the scope to cover more services and more areas. This presented new opportunities and alliances and also gave the company the scope to offer their services very competitively and obviously caught the attention of the local residents. Today, the company thrives, passing its cost savings back to its customers and further gathering a larger customer base in Auckland

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Our staff are on hand to answer your questions, provide quotations and offer advise on the best course of action to best suit your requirements. We are open 7 days a week and our mobile team will be happy to assist you wherever you may be.

We look forward to welcoming new as a new customer.

Joshua Harris – Owner